What are some traveling tips for Jaipur, India?

What are some traveling tips for Jaipur, India?

What are some traveling tips for Jaipur, India?

Our trip through Rajasthan starts in Jaipur, also called the “pink city.” It is the third stop on our three-week trip through North India. Jaipur has a lot to see and do, such as the Amber Fort, the City Palace, the Monkey Temple, and the Palace of the Winds.

Advice on where to go and what to see in Jaipur

Part of the experience is getting to know the locals and exploring the old part of Jaipur. In this post on our travel blog, we tell you everything we think you should do to have a great time in Jaipur, focusing on how to get the most out of the city’s sights. The program will include travelogs about our favorite places to eat and stay and pictures and videos of the trips and the city to help you plan your next trip to India. 

How can someone get to Jaipur?

It will help you book the best flight to India. The flight from Paris to Delhi takes about 8 hours, and about €500 is the average round-trip flight cost.

Origin Agra

We take the train from Agra Cantt station (AGC) to Jaipur in AC 2 Tier (2A) class (JP). It must take 5 hours and 30 minutes to go 327 kilometers. Often, Indian trains are late. We didn’t break this rule because our train was 30 minutes late getting going and then kept getting later and later. The total time lost was 2h30. An important part of the trip. The inside of the train is clean and has air conditioning. We get to share compartments for four people with the Indians and have some fun with them. Please remember that when you buy tickets online, the seat numbers are picked randomly. So, even if you buy more than one ticket, there is no guarantee that you will all travel together. So, once we’re on board, we talk with other passengers about where it should go. Make sure to print one ticket per passenger in case you end up in a different car.

If you want to sit upstairs together, choose one seat in “Upper” and one in “Side Lower” when buying AC 2 class tickets. So, traveling with a partner makes you more likely to meet someone nearby. A rickshaw is easy to use, especially for short trips in the city. It moves around quietly and saves a lot of time. His trick was to use the horn too much, and we could keep it safe for a few hours. For two people, a race will cost about 100 Rp. You can also book a rickshaw for the day for about 500 Rp. We followed this plan to see Amber Fort, Lake Palace, and Monkey Temple in one day. Drivers often insist that they drop you off in front of stores. Please say no right away, and don’t say anything.

The best for the environment and useful!

Getting a car with a driver for the day by renting it. It is a cheap way to see India’s city and surrounding area. Ask at your hotel to find someone you can trust. More expensive than a rickshaw, and maybe less useful because a car can’t get through places like the old city center where there are many people.

Jaipur in Short

We stayed in Jaipur for three nights and two full days. The Pink City is big in Rajasthan, with 2.3 million people living there. The old fortified city also called the “pink city,” has many of the city’s best sights. You enter through one of the seven doors.

What should I do in Jaipur? What should I see? Our suggestions and visits

Here are our top Jaipur tours you must take on video if you’re in the Rajasthan area. We started by shooting many scenes in the streets on purpose so we could feel the atmosphere and see the colors of the markets and shops in the “Pink City.”

How can I get something to eat in Jaipur?

Since this is our first time in a city, finding a good place to eat has been hard. Because our hotel is close to the old town, we had to use their map. And he makes you agree with him that the terrace is nice. Read the following sentence.

India: Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, and

We felt like we were on an emotional roller coaster during our trip to India, which was both amazing and hard. During our two-week world tour, we spent two weeks there and went to Rajasthan, Mumbai, and parts of the North. We went from Bangkok, Thailand, to Delhi, India, where we stayed for two days. Then we took a train to Agra for a 24-hour tour. In Agra, we changed trains and went to Jaipur for five days. 

The city of Jaipur is in the middle of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan, which means “land of kings,” has a rich cultural and historical past that made us wish we were there. Before the British Empire took over India, the country of the maharajas was split into several kingdoms. We saw temples, palaces, tombs, forts, and walls in Jaipur’s old city. We were not let down by its beauty, and we felt like we were in the Thousand and One Night when we went to see the palaces of the Maharajas. We thought about our route and changed our minds more than once. Our trip to India was short; we chose to visit the state’s capital, Jaipur, and another place. After much thought, we chose Ranthambore Park over other great cities like Jodhpur, Udaipur, Pushkar, or Ajmer,  a trip to the Jaisalmer Desert was hard to get. We were hoping to be able to see tigers roaming free there. To get there, we booked a train from Jaipur to Sawai Madhopur. When we discovered that Ranthambore Park was closed in July, August, and September, we had to put this part of our trip on hold.


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