what information in a drawing title block identifies the project

what information in a drawing title block identifies the project

what information in a drawing title block identifies the project

Drawing a building permit plan can be made easier with the use of certain software.

However, the design must follow a certain shape. Moreover, some plans are not to be realized.

Here are some pieces of information that will allow you to draw a building permit plan in accordance with the expectations of the administration.

All building permit plans must be filed to scale, with the possible exception of the location plan, the scale of which appears to be more optional.

Except for the location plan, the scale generally does not exceed 1/500th.

The presence of the cartridge is not mandatory, however it still allows to testify to the seriousness of the request.

In any case, it is more than advisable to include at least the following information on each of the plans:

Important precision: among all these mentions, the inscription of the scale remains unavoidable. Thus, we were able to see that a file had been the subject of a notification for insufficiency due to the absence of the scale.

Contrary to popular belief, in principle, building permit plans do not have to be signed, except by the architect when he is in charge of the application.

On the other hand, it is possible to register the surname and the first name of the applicant on each of the plans, which can be useful in the event of loss of the file.

Although it is not an obligation, it is clear that a color plan ensures better instruction of the building permit file.

The use of colors allows for example to have a better understanding of the materials used, as well as their shades.

Plans can just as easily be submitted in A.4 format as in A.3 format.

On the other hand, it is preferable to opt for an orientation in landscape rather than in portrait. It would also be ideal to staple the plans together.

For practical reasons, it is still advisable not to staple the plans to the form.

The layout plans (PCMI 2) and section plans (PCMI 3) must present a set of dimensions, which illustrate not only the dimensions of the constructions, but above all their location on the ground.

It is also necessary to specify the heights of the constructions.

All these elements will allow the administration to analyze the conformity of the project with regard to the prospect rules.

It is not obligatory to use a software in order to carry out the plans of the building permit.

On the contrary, it remains entirely possible to draw the plans by hand.

You should also know that some professionals draw the building permit plans by hand.

This is very clearly the least expensive solution.

Inevitably, the service in charge of the instruction can have a more than negative a priori if the plan has not been carried out seriously.

For example, for the plan of the facades, it is important not to draw a simplified version of the building. On the contrary, the plan of the facades must illustrate all the elements of detail and molding.

And it is clear that this kind of rendering is very difficult to obtain when the plan has been made by hand. Only qualified designers, or very talented individuals, can achieve this.

The use by citizens of software to draw building permit plans is increasingly widespread.

This software makes it possible to produce documents of excellent quality.

Very clearly, a plan drawn by software often looks very neat.

Thus, the plans benefit from the start of a positive a priori.

In addition, software can provide valuable assistance in project design.

Necessarily, it is necessary to go through a period of learning how to use the software before obtaining a satisfactory result.

The purchase price of the software must also be taken into account.

Finally, and this is perhaps the most difficult thing, you have to be able to obtain software adapted to the drawing of building permit plans.

The software sold in supermarkets does not seem sufficiently relevant for this purpose.

Plans of the interior of buildings no longer have to be filed with the building permit application.

Also, it is important not to draw too sketchy plans, drawn in a negligent way.

This kind of “plans”, which are more akin to sketches, are systematically refused.

Download an example of a building permit: all the plans are decrypted so that you can carry them out without making any mistakes! Example building permit

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what information in a drawing title block identifies the project

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