what invention made computers smaller

what invention made computers smaller

what invention made computers smaller

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For me it is not a computer invention, but our discoveries on quantum mechanics. Because without the discovery of quantum mechanics, we could not manufacture ever smaller components and processors and certainly the fineness of engraving which makes it possible to integrate more transistors in the same space st à This is possible thanks to our advances in quantum mechanics.


what invention made computers smaller

Which element is not a device?

The CPU is the part of the computer that sits inside the case (the tower), as opposed to the peripherals (the keyboard, mouse, etc.) that sit around it.

What are the types of peripherals in a computer?

Among the components of a computer, we distinguish output devices (monitor, printer, speakers, CD burner), input devices (keyboard, mouse, CD/DVDRom, scanner, microphone, webcam, joystick, digital camera and camcorder).

What are the 3 types of device?

There are three types of peripherals: input peripherals allow information to be entered into the computer; output devices allow information to be output from the computer; input/output devices allow two-way communications.

What are computer peripherals?

device. A computer peripheral is an object that connects to a games console or a computer in order to add one or more functions. There are computer input devices (keyboard, mouse, webcam.) and output devices (printer, screen.)

Is the CPU a peripheral?

For example, there are one or more slots for the processor(s), for memory modules, and generic slots for peripherals (see below: devices). The processor or microprocessor (CPU) which allows the computer to carry out the operations (calculations) requested.

What are the two types of peripherals?

Peripherals are often classified into 2 categories: Input peripherals: are used to provide information (or data) to the computer system. Examples: keyboard, mouse, scanner, webcam, microphone… Output devices: used to output information from the computer system.

What are the output devices only?

These are for example, the keyboard, the mouse, the microphone, the scanner.

How is a computer made?

It is these computer components that are described here as simply as possible to allow you to familiarize yourself with the computer hardware of your PC: the power supply, the motherboard, the processor and its fan, the memory (RAM), the hard disk, the CD/DVD reader/writer and finally the card.

What are the two parts of the computer?

As you may already know, we can divide the logic of a machine into two parts: hardware and software.

What are mixed peripherals in a computer?

What are mixed computer peripherals?

These are for example, the keyboard, the mouse, the microphone, the scanner.

There are also input and output devices, they can provide information, but also output information from the computer.



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