what is a large computer network usually covering a city?

what is a large computer network usually covering a city?

what is a large computer network usually covering a city?

Today all computers, tablets and smartphones are networked and connected to the Internet. What is a computer network? And how do computers communicate?

At home, the local network is ensured by your Box because there is already everything inside (Switch, router, server, WIFI terminal).

The gateway protects the network against external attacks and filters Internet access by prohibiting certain sites.

The gateway records all the connections, which makes it possible to know who connected, on which station, at what time…


what is a large computer network usually covering a city?

What is the impact of IT in our life?

She built the past, built the present and will certainly build the future. Without computers, there will be no new technologies and no new technologies, no better future. Computer science is an essential field in life because without it there is no life.

What is the importance of programming in everyday life?

The value of programming lies in the fact that it promotes the development of formal thinking and problem solving, that it encourages students to explore, to learn and reflect. Loops, conditions, number sense, cutting into smaller problems, are some examples.

What are the benefits of programming?

Programming also makes it possible, he says, to differentiate teaching by adding elements that enrich learning and make it more concrete. In addition, it brings a “sense of power” to the student who can tell a computer what to do.

What is the role of computer programming?

Programming concerns all actions related to the coding of computer programs for the various computer systems (software, websites, mobile and web applications, plugins, etc.). To write a program, you must use a programming language.

What are the benefits of computers?

Setting up a good IT infrastructure is a great way for a company to improve its organization, its data storage and even its productivity. Computers really make it possible to increase the operational efficiency of a company, by improving its reactivity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of IT?


How computers make life easier?

Thanks to computers, we now have the possibility of handling objects such as an air conditioner, a thermostat, an alarm system, the doors of houses… from a connected device. © such as a computer, phone or tablet.

What is the purpose of computing in relation to man?

This is considered as the support of human knowledge and communications in the technical, economic, social and professional fields.

What is the role of IT in a society?

IT is an information system tool. In order to increase productivity, a company can therefore use information systems and IT tools to measure and find potential for improvement in its way of working.

Why do you like programming?

Learning the basics of code means better understanding your environment but also knowing how what’s on your mobile phone or on your computer screen actually works. Learning to code can be a lot of fun.


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