What travel hacks have saved you a lot of money?

What travel hacks have saved you a lot of money?

What travel hacks have saved you a lot of money?

People who travel a lot can give you great tips for cutting travel costs. Although there are many ways to spend less money while traveling, it is still possible to rack up a hefty bill. The insider talked to seven travel bloggers about how to travel on a budget and gave their best advice. Everyone wants to find ways to travel for less money and live out their travel dreams. The insider talked to seven people who travel a lot for a living to find their best money-saving travel tips. To travel as cheaply as possible, you must be flexible, not be afraid to haggle over prices, and know about obscure websites and ways to save money.

Here are budget-friendly travel tips from frequent travelers.

1. Open a separate tab in your browser and look for flights.

Gloria Atanmo of The Blog Abroad, a travel blogger who calls herself an “adventure junkie,” says that searching for airline tickets in a private or anonymous browser.  By switching your country of origin to one of the developing countries and paying in the currency of your choice, you can save hundreds of dollars on your plane ticket. Amo says that the price of your plane ticket depends on how much your home currency is worth. In this way, you can save a lot of money on airfare by making it appear like you are purchasing it from a country with a weaker currency.

2. Use the prices at airport hubs to find cheap one-way tickets.

Janet Alvarez, the editor of the personal finance website Wise Bread, says that flights into and out of major airport hubs like Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Newark cost more. Alvarez said this is only true for one-way flights and if you don’t check any bags.

3. Book a cruise at the last minute for an unexpectedly cheap trip.

Alvarez says booking a cruise at the last minute is often cheaper than booking a flight. It is a great option for longer cruises like transatlantic trips. I was able to book a trip from Miami to Barcelona for $299 at the last minute. Alvarez says cruises are even cheaper than flights, meals, and hotels because meals and entertainment are included.

4. Look for amazing deals on flights on odd websites.

As Nomadic Matthew Kepnes, The Flight Deal has great deals from the United States, Secret Flying has great deals from Europe, and HolidayPirates has great deals from anywhere, according to Matt. He also said, “I signed up for all their newsletters, so I don’t miss out on flight deals.” Even though you can often find the same deal on all three sites, getting daily emails from all three will ensure you don’t miss anything.

5. Make use of the economy of sharing.

Kepnes says there are many benefits to using the sharing economy while traveling. Kepnes says you can find cheaper places to stay, more entertaining tour guides, ride-sharing services, and home-cooked meals made by local chefs. By bypassing the traditional travel industry, sharing economy websites connect you with locals who can run small tourism businesses for less money using their resources. Kepnes says he spent $50 per night on an Airbnb for his trip to Saint Croix in the Caribbean, while the cheapest hotel room he could find was $150. Kepnes says that the sharing economy has “changed the way people travel and made it easier for everyone to do so.” EatWith, Vayable, Airbnb, and BlaBlaCar are some of his favorite sites.

6. Go on free tours on foot.

For Kepnes, the solution was clear: “Take a free walking tour.” They can be found in some major cities across Asia, South America, New York, Australia, New Zealand, and, of course, throughout Europe. He says that you can find these tours at the tourist information center, in your hotel or hostel, or by searching “free walking tour (city name)” on Google.

7. If you use travel credit cards, you can get free flights.

Kepnes said, “I hate it when people tell me they can’t fly because they don’t have enough money.” Purchase a ticket to a nearby city and connect to the hub city to save money on airfare. If you apply for an airline and a general rewards card, you can combine the two-point balances to find a cheaper flight faster. Make sure you travel enough to get the most out of the rewards on your credit card.

8. Don’t let your guard down at home.

Watch someone’s house while they’re at yours, “Kepnes advised. You also get a kitchen where you can cook your meals, which saves you even more money.” As seen in the 2006 romantic comedy “The Holiday,” another choice is to switch houses.

9. Get a visitor’s pass from the city.

Apply for an airline and general rewards card to find a cheaper flight faster. It lets you get into the city’s top attractions and museums for less money or for free, and you can use the city’s public transportation as much as you want.” With the London pass, the Paris museum card, the Helsinki card, and many other city tourism cards, I saved more than $100, $80, and $50.” They are a great way to save money on tourist attractions that aren’t used as much.”


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