Where did the bread go

Where did the bread go

Where did the bread go

Bread is an important part of every Indian meal. It shows how different our tastes and cultures are when it comes to food. Bread goes well with any kind of food, but it also has its own identity and, of course, a fan base. Also, we Indians know how to turn plain bread into something tasty by adding things like cream, butter, mayonnaise, sugar, and so on. Even though it has the most addicting food in the country, not many people know about its history. Before we go on, let’s quickly look at how bread has changed in India.

Indian bread is a reminder of days gone by.

Did you know that India doesn’t have a history of baking or ovens? So how did bread get to America? The Portuguese brought this idea to our country when they ruled over a few parts of India for a short time. It was hard for them to find yeast and an oven so they could bake bread here. So, a baker from Portugal came up with the pao or pav, which is a spongey wonder. He didn’t use maida, but instead used whole wheat flour and a few drops of toddy instead of yeast. On the other hand, the oven was a very important thing that was missing. The smart man came up with his own way to make a makeshift oven with a hot surface. After the dough had had time to rise, he rolled it out, put it on the surface, and baked it for about 15 minutes, or until it was done.

Over time, the Portuguese started making bread along with the traditional old pao. If we don’t talk about how maida got to India, this part won’t be complete. Yes, you did hear right. Some evidence suggests that bread may have also come to our country from the Middle East. This area is where maida came from, and it is now a common ingredient in our food. As the number of small and large bakeries grew across the country, bread changed in more ways. Now that we’ve talked about what happened in the past, let’s find out more about the Indian bread basket.

Do you want to make bread? Let’s say you were given a package of whole wheat or garlic bread mix. What are your future plans? On the other hand, we Indians never miss a chance to make something new. It’s not hard to make bread from it, but it may be hard to come up with a recipe. No need to worry! We’re willing to help. We’ve put together a list of recipes for you to try in the future.

Curry Roll

This little savoury treat, which is also called a Khara bun, is full of flavour and makes a great snack for tea time. It tastes a little bit spicy and will please your taste buds.

Curry on bread

In this unusual recipe, bread cubes are mixed with tomato, onion, and other spices. The way the same is cooked makes it a quick and easy snack that can be eaten at any time.


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