where is the clipboard on iphone

where is the clipboard on iphone

where is the clipboard on iphone

Using the copy and paste feature is something that probably every iPhone user has done more than once. You click a word on the screen and once the word is highlighted you drag the bounding bars to select all the text you want. As soon as you lift your finger you hit Copy and then it’s magically saved somewhere on your phone until you tap somewhere else and paste what you copied.

But where is this text (or photo) stored and where is the clipboard on the iPhone?

If you want to learn more about it and learn how to view clipboard history on your iPhone you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will discuss the iPhone clipboard.

If you’re reading this article you’ve probably searched every conceivable place on your iPhone for the clipboard. No matter how hard you look you will not find it. iPhone processes the copied text or images and saves them once so you won’t have access to your clipboard history.

However there is a way to see the last thing you copied. If this interests you we’ll show you how.

While there is no way to view clipboard history on iPhone you can see the last thing you copied. This is accomplished through the Notes app which is found on every iPhone. To find out how to do it follow these steps.

What appears on the screen is the last thing you copied. You can use this method in the future to keep track of what you have copied. It’s not the same as just looking at your backup history but it’s a way to manually keep track. You only need to remember to do this when you want to save valuable information that you might want to use again at a later time.

Your iPhone does not have the ability to save clipboard history but there are apps available that do. If you don’t want to waste time pasting copied text or links into the Notes app you can always download something to do it for you. Listed below are some of the more popular apps that you might be interested in.

CLIP+ is an easy to use clipboard manager with copy and paste capabilities. With this app everything you copy to your iPhone will be saved automatically. Text photos links and phone numbers will be stored securely for future reference. The app can recognize different types of information so saved links can be clicked and phone numbers can be called with a single tap. This is not a free app but the cost is minimal. It is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above.

This free app saves all copied items and stores them for later use. Clipboard++ recognizes web links and phone numbers. A long press on your browser will open links and dial phone numbers. Clipboard++ is an option if you want to keep a history of everything you copy to your iPhone. This app is compatible with iOS 7.0 or higher.

Paste 2 is a free clipboard manager that stores everything you’ve copied and neatly organizes it for future use. Like similar apps Paste 2 is easy to use and suitable for those who need a history of copied content. It’s a great tool if you need to save snippets of text and it recognizes web links and phone numbers. It’s only compatible with iOS 14.0 or higher so it won’t work with older iPhones.

Like many other iPhone users you have probably found yourself on an endless search trying to find the clipboard app on your iPhone. You can’t find something that doesn’t exist but there are ways to start saving your cut and paste history. Using the Notes app is one option but you’ll need to remember to save everything manually. The best option is to download a clipboard manager app.

Have you tried to find the clipboard on your iPhone? What did you do to solve the problem of saving the cut and paste history? Have you used the tips in this article? Let us know in the comments below.

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FAQ: where is the clipboard on iphone

Where is the clipboard kept on iPhone?

Tap on the text box (if it wasn’t selected before you may need to tap on it twice – once to select it and once to open the context menu) and choose Paste from the floating menu. © there on the clipboard.

How to see the things you have copied on iPhone?

Shake to undo: Recover deleted text on your iPhone

Go to any app where you can type some text like Notes iMessage or Mail.

Write something.

Then delete it.

Now shake your iPhone from side to side. You will see that what you had written and erased reappears on the screen.

How to know where the clipboard is?

This is how you can access and manage the clipboard on your Android phone: Open a messaging app and tap on the text input bar to display the keyboard. Now you will see different icons like GIF stickers translator clipboard etc. Click on the clipboard and access it.

How to enable copy and paste on iPhone?

The first thing we must do is go to our iPhone to the Settings menu and look for the ‘General’ option. Once there we access another screen full of functions. We are left with the ‘AirPlay and Handoff’ which is the one in charge of copying content and moving it between Apple devices.

How to see what I had copied before?

To do this take the following steps:

Open Settings. You will find a shortcut in the start menu.

Access the System section.

Open the Clipboard section and activate the switch that you will find under the heading Clipboard history.


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