whiskey cabinet ideas

whiskey cabinet ideas

whiskey cabinet ideas


10 ideas for empty whiskey bottles: what to do (updated)
Pitcher or vase.
Bird feeder.
Bottle tree.
Infinite bottle.
Lamp (or flashing lights)
Scented candle holder.
Dispenser of soap.
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What is a liquor cabinet called?

A cellar or cellar is a small piece of furniture, available in different sizes, shapes and designs, used to store bottles of alcoholic beverages such as wine or whisky. They usually come with some sort of security like a padlock to protect the contents.

What should a bar cabinet contain?

Home Bar 101: 7 things to put in the bar area
A high-quality cocktail shaker.
Citrus squeezer.
Ice bucket.
A variety of glasses for the bar area.
Cutting board.
A Pestle & Jigger .
Classic base spirits.

What do you put on a bar cabinet?

Top shelf/drawer

tool bar: measuring cup, whisk, bottle opener/corkscrew, tongs, whisk and cocktail spoon.

How do you organize a liquor cabinet?

How to organize your liquor cabinet
Remove all bottles from the cabinet. .
Take a pen and paper and do an alcohol inventory. .
When youre done with your inventory, stick it inside your liquor cabinet. .
Put the bottles back in the cabinet, grouping them into their categories.

What does each bar cabinet need?

Rum Spirits
. For these sweet, summery cocktails, you need two bottles of rum, one light and one dark or spicy. .
Tequila. Hello, margarita and Mexican mules. .
Vodka. Move vodka to the top of the list as it is an absolute staple for many. .
Whiskey. .
Geneva. .
Triple Sec.

How is alcohol displayed?

How to Display Liquor Bottles: Ideas for Storing Spirits
Store your bottles in a moderately warm space, away from direct sunlight.
Organize them by type of liquor, for visual appeal and ease of use.
Make sure labels are visible if your display is front and center.
If you have a specialty drink or liquor, make it stand out.

What are the 3 basic elements of the bar?

There are several basic parts to the front bar:
Bar Top. This is the main slab where your guests drinks, food, and weapons rest. .
Wall of bars. The bar wall is the vertical piece that supports the top of the bar and separates the front bar from the back bar. .
Bar rail. .
Footrest. .
Glass track. .
Drip edge.

How to display alcohol in a bar?

Frequently used products should be placed on the shelves lowest and closest to the sink for quicker access. To write. Bottles of similar colors look great side by side, as do tall and short bottles, respectively. Obviously, short bottles should never be placed behind tall ones.

How do I view my liquor collection?

fun ways to store booze at home
Present booze on a stylish tray. Cupcakes and Cashmere.
Turn a console table into a bar cart. .
Store alcohol on open shelves in the kitchen. .
Transforms a sewing machine cabinet into a bar cabinet. .
Use a wine rack. .
Display alcohol among your books. .
Build a DIY liquor cellar. .
Liqueur on display in a mini bookstore.


The general rule of thumb for spacing is 12 inches between each shelf, but increase that spacing to 15 or 18 inches and youll improve that feeling of exposure and accessibility.


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