White Brick Interior Wall

White Brick Interior Wall

White Brick Interior Wall


Any object with a rough texture, such as brick, reflects less light and gives the neighborhood a warmer feel. Texture also lends weight to an object, lending itself to a more comfortable environment.

What goes well with white brick?

What color goes well with white brick? Black is a classic and timeless accent color for white brick exteriors. However, you can also choose a softer green, blue, beige or gray for a nice neutral that still looks like a pop of color.

How to build a white brick wall?

Possibilities of white brick walls

This can be achieved by diluting the white paint with water (some suggest a mixture of half paint and half water, but the proportions will depend on your preference). The mixture is then applied to the brick. A variety of whitening tutorials are available online.

Are brick interior walls expensive?

Cost of Interior Brick Walls

For bricks alone, you will pay between $6 and $15 per square foot. With a masonry installation, you’ll likely spend between $14 and $30 per square foot. If you plan to install brick veneer, it will be cheaper.

How to beautify interior brick walls?

5 easy ways to accent your exposed brick wall
Use shelves with an open back in front. Just because the wall is beautiful on its own doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of your available square footage. .
Lean big accents against him. .
Add pops of color. .
Add accents of wood and greenery around. .
Paint it.

Is white brick out of fashion?

Ask any exterior design expert, painting brick isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Painted brick is here to stay as new homeowners prefer this modern look to traditional unpainted brick exteriors.

Is it difficult to maintain white brick?

White brick is a low maintenance siding material

Because the color of a brick is baked throughout the brick, the color is permanent and will not fade like vinyl siding does. Of all the home siding options, brick requires the least amount of maintenance to keep it looking great.

Can you paint a wall to look like brick?

Give your home a rustic or industrial touch by painting a wall to look like exposed brick. Faux brick walls are eye-catching accent walls and create the illusion of texture in the room. You don’t need special applicators or artistic skills to paint a faux brick wall.

What style is the white brick wall?

White brick can add warmth and rustic charm to country-style homes or accentuate the gritty character of ultra-modern, minimalist apartments. It can make a room light and airy, or enhance the power of dark colors by providing strong contrast.

Is the brick available in white?

White bricks provide a fresh, clean look. Some white bricks are pure white; others have varying amounts of white mixed in with natural tones. White bricks are perfect for a shabby chic look, but they also look great in a more modern application.


An exposed brick wall adds a lot of character to a space, but its dark color and rough texture can make small rooms feel cramped and uncomfortable.


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