White Brick Wall Interior

White Brick Wall Interior

White Brick Wall Interior


Stick to Neutral Colors

In fact, the natural texture of brick is enough to make a statement, so bold interior paint colors are usually not necessary. Shades like white, off-white, gray, and black usually help accent your brick wall.

How to build a white brick wall?

Possibilities of white brick walls

This can be achieved by diluting the white paint with water (some suggest a mixture of half paint and half water, but the proportions will depend on your preference). The mixture is then applied to the brick. A variety of whitening tutorials are available online.

Can the interior brick be painted white?

Acrylic latex paint, or a paint specially formulated for masonry, is your best bet. Acrylic latex is best for interior and exterior brick as it is very resistant to mold and mildew. A semi-gloss or gloss paint is also a good choice for both as it is easy to clean.

How to modernize an interior brick wall?

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What goes well with white brick?

What color goes well with white brick? Black is a classic and timeless accent color for white brick exteriors. However, you can also choose a softer green, blue, beige or gray for a nice neutral that still looks like a pop of color.

What style is the white brick wall?

White brick can add warmth and rustic charm to country-style homes or accentuate the gritty character of ultra-modern, minimalist apartments. It can make a room light and airy, or enhance the power of dark colors by providing strong contrast.

Can you paint a wall to look like brick?

Give your home a rustic or industrial touch by painting a wall to look like exposed brick. Faux brick walls are eye-catching accent walls and create the illusion of texture in the room. You don’t need special applicators or artistic skills to paint a faux brick wall.

Is it a good idea to paint the interior brick?

If your bricks have cracks, discoloration or chips, painting them all one color can minimize the impact of these imperfections and keep the room looking clean and modern. Painting interior brick can be a cost-effective way to transform an entire room without replacing the entire brick surface.

Does painting the brick devalue the house?

Painting brick is a great way to improve curb appeal and increase the value of your home. Using a dark color like slate gray or even classic white can create a great visual impact when painted correctly. Provides protection from the elements.

Is it hard to paint white brick?

While painting brick is doable, and sometimes even necessary (we’ll get to that later), it’s not an easy painting project and can pose a huge risk to your biggest financial asset. In other words: be careful, owner.


What is bleaching. Whitewashed brick is fairly easy to identify. All bricks are coated with a thin layer of translucent white or gray paint that allows you to see the brick underneath. Whitewashed bricks go out of fashion very quickly.


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