Why You Meet The Requirements

Why You Meet The Requirements

Why You Meet The Requirements

Why You Meet The Requirements:

During a job interview, recruiters have little time to learn as much as possible about you. If it is easy to check the technical knowledge, it is to analyze the character and the “savoir-être” of the candidate which particularly interests the managers of human resources. In this quest for the candidate who will best meet the requirements of the position.

One of the first things you should do is make a forecast about your job, your profession, or the industry you work in and intend to work in. Those who know today what they will be doing in five years have a competitive advantage that will allow them to design a career plan, be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and thus be much more attractive to potential recruiters.

The recruiter wants to know where the cursor is: a lack of self-confidence generally hinders the good progress of your projects and prevents employees from putting forward their ideas or defending their position, and an excess of self-confidence is sometimes prohibitive for teamwork. In addition, the recruiter will try to assess whether a person tends to overestimate themselves, to put the information in the candidate’s CV into perspective.

The traditional curriculum is not effective if it is not complemented by other strategies. The ideal candidate must be aware that their past successes are becoming increasingly irrelevant to employers and can no longer be sold in the traditional way. We live in an interconnected labor market in which it is difficult to control our own curriculum, and in which we are increasingly transparent.

Why are you the right person for this position?
The main points to convey in your answer are: You are able to carry out the missions requested and you can obtain results You have the perfect combination of skills and experience ences You will be a great asset to the company/team All candidates invited to this .

Why you and not someone else sample answer?

“Because I came out in the top 10 of my class”; “Because applying for this position in your company motivates me a lot†; “Because my resume prompted you to call me for an interview. HAS”

Why choose you answer?
If this question is regularly asked in interviews, it is because it allows the recruiter to quickly see if you know how to highlight your skills and your motivation. The best answer is therefore a clear statement of your strengths, of what constitutes your “added value” for the company.

Why Should We Hire You Answer?
“You might say you should hire me because I perform very well and have the skills for the job. I did this in my current job and have a solid experience in this or that field . Specify how you believe you will meet their expectations.

What motivates you?
Motivation for a position Generally, your motivations emanate: From the company itself (for example its values, its organization, its size, From the sector of activity (what is what particularly attracted you?) Your job (why this job and not another)

What can you bring us?

The recruiter wants to know how you are going to invest in the company and the added value you are going to bring compared to other candidates.

What sets you apart from others?
Once you’ve done your research, the next step in answering “What sets you apart from other candidates?” is to highlight the most relevant elements of your background.

What Quality to say during an interview?
Quality n°1: optimism. … Quality n°2: adaptability … Quality n°3: curiosity … Quality n°4: good interpersonal skills. … Quality n°5: conviction. …Quality #6: Perfectionism. … Quality n° 7: dynamism. … Quality n° 8: seriousness.

What can you bring to the company?
The answer to the question “What can you bring us?” » can be an opportunity to highlight your profile, explaining what only you can bring to the company. To do this, your answer must explain how your skills, experience and qualities are an asset for the company.

What are your weak points? Why You Meet The Requirements:

Examples of weak points in professional life Inexperienced with certain software. Tendency to take on too much responsibility. Nervous about speaking in public. Reluctant to delegate tasks. Uncomfortable with taking big risks. Impatient with administrative formalities.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Here are briefly my 4 tips for finding your strengths and weaknesses. 1 Identify what is easy and difficult for you. 2 Think about what you like to do and what you hate. 3 Seek advice from your personal and professional circles. 4 Reflect on events from your pas

Why you and not someone else?
Generally asked at the very end of the interview, the question “Why you and not someone else?” » may surprise. The recruiter’s objective is not to make the candidate uncomfortable, nor to ask him to compare himself to other applicants, but rather to assess his level of motivation.

What do you expect from this position?
To correctly answer the question “what do you expect from this position?” “, it is imperative to show the recruiter that you know the company for which you are applying and that you have thoroughly researched it.

What are your goals ?

How to answer the question “What are your short/long term goals?” » Make sure your examples of career aspirations make sense. Incorporate the company’s mission statement. Your answers should reflect your experience. Emphasize your desire to find long-term employment.

What is your added value for this position?
Example of answer to the question “What would be your added value in our company?†… I am convinced that I will bring many more qualities to your company and I am committed to providing you with solutions to improve your your performance or your productivity.

What are the 3 types of motivation?
In their self-determination theory, Deci and Ryan (2002) distinguish three main types of motivation: Intrinsic motivation; Extrinsic motivation; Motivation.

What are your skills?
14 PROFESSIONAL SKILLS TO VALUE IN YOUR APPLICATION Ability to adapt. Stress management. Team work. Ability to federate. Communication skills. Autonomy. Decision-making capacity. Sense of organization. More items…

How to express interest in a position? Why You Meet The Requirements

How to express interest in a position? Research the position. … Conduct research on the company. …Make a list of your skills and qualities. … Take into account the reasons that led you to choose this sector. … Structure your answer well.

How to describe its qualities?
To remain neutral, begin your sentences with “they say that I am…”, “I am recognized as having the qualities of…”, etc. Also avoid the use of adverbs such as “little” or “very”, which indicate that you are “unsure” or “very sure”.

What are your example expectations?
“This job interests me because it should allow me to learn new things”. Be careful, the company that recruits you does not choose you so that you learn new things but on the contrary it chooses you so that you work and bring real added value.

What is your greatest professional pride?
To answer this question, be honest and responsive. Anticipate your answer, because you won’t have time to think. In this question, you will be asked to describe what great things you have accomplished and why you can be proud of them.

Why You Meet The Requirements:

You should try to be a kind of internal entrepreneur, concerned with preserving the start-up mentality in your company. A creative professional is a flexible employee, ready to adapt and analyze challenges from different points of view; curious, always looking for good ideas to explore and recombine; humble, able to understand that a good idea can trigger a better idea from someone else; not only go for what is expected, but look beyond; strategic, who understands the impact that each decision has on the overall project or the final execution of the idea.

The most fatal mistake you can make is to answer “No” and thus end the interview. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you have informed yourself about the company and that your intentions are real and serious. There are a lot of good questions you can ask and should prepare in advance:


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